The ultimate collaboration hub for Customer Success and Product.



Your customer-facing team is on the front lines collecting valuable information every day. It’s time to unlock that and deliver better outcomes for your customers.

Here's the problem:

Your Customer Success team isn’t set up for…success.

You're talking to customers all the time, and you're taking notes, recording the call, marking follow ups, noting feature requests... you need to summarize, translate, and share this information with the right person or tool.
Most of this happens after the call is done, and it takes far too long.
But, you simply don't have the time. And so you don’t do it. And valuable context is lost...
So, your team struggles to identify whom to reach out to about what, and they struggle to close deals, drive adoption, and improve customer satisfaction.

But it doesn’t need to be this way. Corq can helps customer facing teams work faster and more efficiently, all without losing context.

The ultimate Zoom app for customer-facing teams.

But it doesn't have to be this way. Corq helps Customer Success teams have better conversations and makes extracting & sharing key information effortless.

How it works

The benefits of a call recorder, plus a whole lot more.

Capture and share exactly what your customers are saying

Tag moments while live on Zoom.

Find insights and coaching opportunities

Search across calls for competitor mentions, feature requests, and more.

Spend less time doing manual data entry

Instantly, send highlights to your CRM, Slack, or task management tool.

Take your notes with you

Export notes to Miro, Notion, or wherever you prefer to collaborate.

Know exactly who to reach out to (and when)

Your CRM is clunky. Corq isn't. Figure out where to spend your time more effectively.

Convince stakeholders of your observations

Share highlight reels from your conversations alongside your notes.

Get more from your customer conversations with less effort.